Every year the Government conducts an in-depth analysis of business throughout the UK.

This is a cross party exercise designed to give parliamentarians and especially Ministers an indication of how businesses are meeting the challenges of today and how they are planning to meet them in the future.

All sectors of the economy from farming to finance , from law to education to transport, manufacturing, education etc etc, and of course Health.

The Parliamentary Review team then carefully select one or two companies from each section who they consider and highlight how organisations and individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field. They have the experience, knowledge and leadership to meet the challenges and demonstrate best practice.

From the thousands of care businesses throughout the UK H.M Care of Hereford has been selected and awarded the honour and privilege of representing the Home Care Sector for 2018-2019.

The review is available here at

If you are in need of care for yourself, a loved one or a close relative then it obviously makes sense to select (as Parliament has) H.M Care of Hereford.

In the strictest confidence contact or speak to Helen May or Rachel Jones-Stephens on 01432 360518